2014 Contributors

Danae Bosler

After finishing a Postgrad Cert in International Community Development at VU, Danae is now studying a Masters in Creative Writing, Editing and Publishing at Melbourne University. She currently works as Campaign Manager in a community campaign against the East-West toll road. Her words have been published by Farrago, The Conversation and the National Times.

Tenille Chase

Tennille uses various social media platforms (primarily YouTube, Tumblr and Blogger) to advocate the exploration of sexuality, creativity and spirituality. She is passionate about connecting, creating, and motivating other dynamic creators and co-creators to live their authentic bliss.

Radhika Chhotai Kotecha

Radhika is a writer with a deep love of words and grammar. She has a finicky eye for detail, and a passion for punctuation. She believes that editing is like a fine surgery, which requires strong diagnostic skills, a sure, but a soft touch, and an ability to change the interior without disturbing the heart.

Cassie Chilcott

VU Professional Writing student Cassie Chilcott enjoys screenwriting, short prose and journalism. She is still unsure in regard to which direction to take her writing in the future. Strangely being unsure excites rather than worries her, which is a good thing as writing promises to be a career full of surprises.

Katherine Chiu

Katherine is a food blogger who also likes to write about lifestyle issues and events for new international students studying in Melbourne. She blogs at www.newintstudents.blogspot.com.au.

Christy Collins

Christy Collins is a Melbourne-based writer. Her (as yet unpublished) first novel was shortlisted for the Writing Australia Unpublished Manuscript Award and longlisted for the Vogel. She is currently studying a PhD in Creative Writing at the University of Tasmania.

Simon Copland

Simon Copland is a freelance writer and climate campaigner. He has written for The Guardian, SBS News, Crikey, ABC’s The Drum, Junkee.com, The Australian and more. He is currently trying to write his first novel. In his spare time he’s a rugby player and David Bowie fanatic.

Nadine Cranenburgh

Nadine Cranenburgh is a Ballarat-based children's writer. Her work has been published in the Herald Sun, Magpies, Alphabet Soup and Comet. She is inspired by her two sons and their ability to twist familiar words and situations into new and exciting shapes. She blogs at http://nadinecranenburgh.blogspot.com.au.

Christine Croyden

Christine is a Melbourne based playwright, screenwriter, lyricist and author whose plays include: The Cat's Paw, Love Your Poison, A Stranger in Town, The Fallen Tree, Lovesick and How to Survive an Earthquake.

Paul Cumming

Paul Cumming is a Melbourne-based freelance writer, incurable identical twin and producer of the music blog ‘Wax Volcanic’. He regularly conjures features, profiles and reviews for popular music blog ‘Cool Accidents’. His work has appeared in the Big Issue, Peppermint magazine, Deuce Mag and Catalyst.

Peter Dewar

After a career in business, Peter was struck by the writing bug. He is currently grinding his way through a Diploma in Professional Writing and Editing - and loving it! He was a member of the short-listing committee for the 2014 Ada Cambridge Biographical Prose competition and has contributed to the websites WeekendNotes and Japan in Melbourne.

Calum Davies

Calum Davies is 23 and a PPE undergrad at La Trobe, a degree he switched to from Creative Writing at Deakin. After Verandah published a short story of his, he decided that, although perhaps his future lay in fiction, a career in journalism would more likely the bills. The PPE degree will enable one.

Diana Gaba

Diana Gaba is a passionate, opinionated person who is happy to write anything, from stories to articles. She writes for her school’s newspaper and also on her music blog http://www.playinghersong.wordpress.com, where she catalogues playlists of her songs she’s been enjoying. She also writes teen fiction on Wattpad.

Henry Friend

Henry Friend is a novelist, short story writer and published poet living in Melbourne. His current novel explores the separation of Church and State and the ways in which the people we respect can occasionally surprise us with their actions. His short stories follow themes of love and spirituality.

Nalini Haynes

Nalini Haynes is an award-winning writer and artist currently studying professional writing and editing at RMIT with a distinction average, while simultaneously writing for, managing and editing Dark Matter Zine, an online magazine with between 17,578 and 38,432 visits per month in 2014. Her disability inspires her to strive for equality.

Emmyrose Hobbs

Emmyrose Hobbs works as a learning designer and editor. She is passionate about making education and literature - in their many forms - accessible to all.

Ioanna Katiforis

Ioanna enjoys writing to inform and express her ideas. Although she doesn't have any reviewing experience, she is looking forward to reviewing for the Melbourne Writers Festival.

Lee Kindler

 Lee is a West Footscralian lover of words and stories. He is particularly interested in new genres of writing that have emerged with the web. He splits his time equally between composing love poems to Twitter bots and travelling the world with Google teleporters.

Jacqueline Lademann

Jacqueline Lademann has been running a literary blog Selections from my Tower of Shame for a number of years. She has been attending the Melbourne Writers Festival for more years than she can remember and she has just returned from her second Byron Bay Writer's Festival, which she covered extensively on her blog.

Liz Lipski

Liz Lipski is a writer who teaches English. She’s had one piece published in a literary journal and has almost finished the young adult novel that she’s been working on for nine years. She would rather give up her day job and write and write and write, but she also wants to do other things and they require her to earn money. She believes everyone has a story. And anywhere could have a million stories.

Melissa Manning

Melissa Manning is a Melbourne based writer and editor. Her work has been published in The Big Issue and Visible Ink; and short-listed for the Overland Short Story Prize. She has recently finished writing her first novel and is working on her second.

Julie Marlow

Julie is a Film and TV professional, an ex-Director of Film Vic, script editor/assessor, doco maker, sometime writer for Screen Hub and other online sites, and now, a screenwriter.

Carol Maurici

Neither professional writer, nor journalist, Carol Maurici has nevertheless nurtured a lifelong love of books, reading and self expression through the written word. She is by day a Disability Liaison Officer at a Melbourne TAFE, where she devotes herself to advocating for access and equity for all students and tries to promote awareness among the broader community about opportunities for all. Through it all, words are the key – as she uses the language of the individual, to bring communities together.

Erica Myers Davis

Erica Myers-Davis sits on the Royal Commonwealth Ex-Services League representing Jamaican veterans. In 2009 she published Under One Flag: How indigenous and ethnic peoples of the Commonwealth and British Empire helped Great Britain win World War Two. In 2013 she wrote the play Who Saved JFK exploring the same themes.

Andrea McGrath

Andrea McGrath is a mature-aged law student, overly opinionated, left wing, bleeding heart, radical all wrapped up in a dry sense of humour. She has enjoyed a life-long love of writing, language and the brilliance of wordsmithing, and has filled reams and reams of paper with short stories, novels, poems and rants.

Liz McShane

Liz McShane will have a play-script published in Gargouille and a personal essay published by The Rag & Bone Man Press in 2014. She was a 2014 Emerging Writers’ Festival blogging partner. She’s been published in Voiceworks, dotdotdash and Even More Poems to Make You Puke.  She blogs at http://lizkatemcshane.wordpress.com/.

Magdalena McGuire

As a researcher, Magdalena McGuire has published widely on the topic of human rights, particularly women¹s rights and the rights of people with disabilities. Her first published short story, ‘Polish Cooking for Beginners’, will appear in this year’s Big Issue fiction edition.

Kamini Navin

A writer in the making, Kamini enjoys blogging, creative writing and exploring childhood stories from her ancestral crib in Malaysia. Her work experience has allowed her to combine her creative writing and public relations skills, and apply them to the communications, editorial and social media fields. She mostly dreams of Europe and novel writing.

Imbi Neeme

Once the force behind award-winning blog Not Drowning, Mothering, Imbi is currently "writing" a "novel", which mostly involves *talking* about writing and not actually *doing* any writing. She is currently talking about writing my novel as part of the Western Writer's Group at Footscray Community Arts Centre.

Caroline Petit

Once upon a time, Caroline Petit had real jobs, but then she became a writer. She has published two novels: The Fat Man’s Daughter (2005) and Deep Night (2008) with Soho Press; short stories in literary journals; has broadcast on Radio National; and has received support for writing a screenplay.

Camha Pham

Camha is a wannabe word nerd alternating between ditz and philosopher. On a more serious note, she works as a Development Editor at Oxford University Press. She holds a publishing and editing degree from Monash University. She has volunteered with Melbourne Writers Festival in the past and blogs at http://camhapham.wordpress.com/.

Erin Reeve

Erin Reeve is a 32-year-old Melbournian, communications professional for the City of Melbourne by day, and student of professional writing and editing by night. In between working and studying she indulges her true passion: reading. She also blogs, occasionally, about Australian literature at http://reevereads.wordpress.com/.

Tenaya Laird Richards

Tenaya is a 19 year-old from from Craigieburn in Victoria. She is a Bachelor of Arts student with a keen interest in getting into the publishing and editing of books.

William Schack

William Schack is a 26 year-old who realised the other day he is about to turn 27. He loves clear and concise writing. He loves writers that don’t make him feel dumb. He loves literature, Melbourne, and the Melbourne Writers Festival.

Jane Seeber

Jane is interested in everything. She has an Honours degree in English but is an accidental accountant. She moved from Perth to Melbourne because here it’s possible for her to like words, sport, music and food all at once and in the same place. She blogs sporadically about weird words and whatever else takes her fancy.

Marina Solomon

Marina is an aspiring novelist and magazine creator. She is: a quick thinking, hardworking individual who values the written word; an experienced creative writer and she has a passion for reading writing, fashion, music and art. She is currently undertaking a Bachelor’s degree in Communication at VU.

Sasky Stewart

Sasky is an aspiring romance novelist (and perpetual story-teller). She has a passion for reading and writing books that provide an escape (however trivial) and a thrill for the reader. She is a 25 year-old former lawyer/digital marketer who's chasing her writing aspirations through her passion for sharing words with others.

Octavia Spartels

Octavia Spartels is an avid reader, writer and traveller. She is currently in the final semester of her Communication degree at VU, specialising in Professional Writing.

Emily Tatti

Emily Tatti is a Melbourne-based writer and the editor of Ricochet Magazine. She writes about books, pop culture and feminism, and her work has appeared in places like JunkeeKillings, Offset.

Chloe Watson

Chloe is a third year VU Bachelor of Communications student, majoring in Professional Writing. She enjoys a broad range of writing, as well as publishing and design. She is currently a review writer for SYN radio and the designer for Offset Journal.

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