2015 Contributors

Jake Addams – Reviewer
Jake Addams is a 22 year old writer with a penchant for darkness and subversiveness. One day he hopes to make enough money from writing so he can buy an old, haunted house wherein he can spend his days freaking out about existence.

Athina Bakirtzidis Singh – Reviewer
Athina is doctoral student doing a creative PhD at VU, with focus on memoir and poetry.

Joshua Barnes – Reviewer
Joshua Barnes is a writer and editor from Melbourne, Australia. His fiction and criticism have appeared in The Point, Voiceworks, The Newtown Review of Books and Gore Journal. He is an undergraduate in the Creative Writing program at RMIT University, as well as a fiction editor at Voiceworks and a reader at The Canary Press.

Rebecca Borg – Reviewer
Rebecca is a year 9 student at a college in the Western Suburbs. She's a dedicated writer and her career goal is to be a journalist. She enjoys reading and reviewing books and films. Rebecca has just started her own blog on Tumblr and writes reviews about society's latest issues. 

Anna Brasier – Editor
Anna Brasier is the managing editor of Offset 2015. She is passionate about all aspects of the writing process: from story concept, through to editing and final publication. She has a Diploma in Professional Writing & Editing, and she is currently studying a Bachelor of Communication at Victoria University.

Georgia Buck – Reviewer
Georgia is a big-dreaming Year 11 student whose ultimate aim in life is to change the world. She loves sport, school, and her crazy but brilliant friends and family. She has always had a passion for writing and is a journalist for The Under Age.

Lucy Butler – Reviewer
In a world where the the war on popularity is decided by how many likes you get on your Instagram selfie, Lucy maintains her identity by indulging in outlets she enjoys such as video gaming, writing, vlogging, catching up on the latest Game of Thrones and eating a delicious pizza.

Christopher Buur – Reviewer
Chris is extremely passionate about literature and has in the past been a panelist for The Centre for Youth Literature's biennial Reading Matters conference in 2015 and worked as a journalist for Express Media's youth news publication The Under Age. He hopes to pursue a career in the publishing industry.

Cassandra Chilcott – Editor
Cassie will be graduating from Victoria University in October 2015. After studying a Bachelor of Communications straight from high school, completing three placements and achieving only High Distinctions in her final semester she has firmly decided to never study again. In 2016 she will return to Victoria University to undertake a masters degree. 

Michelle Collins – Reviewer
Michelle Collins is a children's librarian, reviewer and aspiring creative writer who is inspired by Melbourne's rich literary culture and espresso sipping habits.

Nadine Cranenburgh – Reviewer
Nadine Cranenburgh is a children's and YA writer and freelance journalist based in regional Victoria. Her work has appeared in Comet, Alphabet Soup, and Magpies. She loves seeing how words and images can transport young readers to other worlds, and is currently obsessed with the graphic novel form.

Amber De Luca-Tao – Reviewer
Amber is 19 years old and currently studying a double degree of Business and Journalism at Monash University, Caulfield. She is half Italian and half Chinese. She has a passion for magazines, especially their creativity and the editing process. She enjoys playing tennis and basketball, and also loves to bake doughnuts!

Jessica Louise Donnison – Editor
Jessica Donnison is a perpetual student. She has completed a BA in History and Literature, a BA in Political Science and Professional Writing and is currently undertaking Honours at VU. For the past three years, Jessica has been working as a Student Writing Mentor. Her inner Grammar Nazi loves editing!

Maria Dunne – Reviewer
Maria started writing for Signal Express in 2014 and has since been searching for ways to become a better writer and to meet people in the industry.

Sonia Esposito – Reviewer
Sonia Esposito is a writer and researcher with a background in film, television and publicity. 

Isabelle Ferra – Editor
Bella is an eternal Law/Arts student at Victoria University with a passion for human rights, the evolution of media in a globalising world and how law interrelates. Alongside being Asylum Seeker Resource Centre’s Legal Triage Officer, VLS Greens president & Australian Ambassador to Japan, she is mum to an adorable Pomeranian.

Michele Fredregill – Reviewer
Born and bred in the American heartland, Michele Fredregill wrote her first book on her grandma's back porch in elementary school (limited release). She fell in love with an Aussie while studying journalism at Iowa State University and currently works in events and PR in Melbourne.

Sohpie Gill – Editor
Sos (AKA Sophie) is a Professional and Creative Writing student in her third year at Deakin University. She’s a sub-editor for Wordly magazine, and has recently been published in their 2015 ‘Wild’ edition. Sos is passionate about writing and wishes to pursue a career in editing and publishing. 

Andrea Gillum – Reviewer
Andrea is a Melbourne-based writer and student at RMIT's Professional Writing and Editing course. She is the creator and writer of www.theclassicalnovice.com. She has been published in Victorian Writer, Catalyst, Stereo Stories, Artshub and is a contributor for the Maggie journal of live art. 

Sarah Halfpenny – Reviewer
She has a name that sounds like it’s straight out of a Bond movie (but it’s really annoying to spell out over the phone). So who is behind this unusual moniker, and what can she offer MWF? Writer, editor, playwright, filmmaker and mum to three young girls. Move over 007! 
Fia Hamid-Walker – Reviewer
Fia is a graduate student studying Law/Arts at Monash University. She has written articles examining racial profiling, refugee rights and labour rights. Fia is interested in exploring human rights issues using the critical race theory approach. Currently Fia is writing for the theatrical component of 'don't sweat!' campaign.

Hiba Hammoud – Reviewer
Hiba Hammoud is an 18 year-old Bachelor of Communications student.. In her free time she blogs practices her photography skills. Check out her website: whispersoftheworld.wordpress.com.

Nalini Haynes – Reviewer
An award-winning writer and artist, Nalini Haynes is currently studying writing and editing at RMIT while writing a YA book featuring diversity and a class struggle. After studying a masters of social science, social justice blending with literature seemed inevitable. Her plans include a PhD because "poofy hat".

Sarah Hearn – Reviewer
16-year-old Sarah Hearn writes for The Under Age. She’s passionate about social justice and enjoys reading young adult fiction. Music makes her happy and she loves to play the violin, sing in choirs and dance.

Sherryn Hind – Reviewer
Sherryn loves books and likes nothing better than to disappear into the pages of a good story. Inspired, she has recently begun writing her first novel. You can find her lost in her own made up world exploring what it means to belong within the binds of family.

Emmyrose Hobbs – Editor
Emmyrose Hobbs works as an editor in online education. When she's not editing for a living, she peruses people's unpublished manuscripts and tries to get to as many of Melbourne's festivals as possible. 
Angela Hogan – Reviewer
Angela is a book buff who enjoys going to any book and giving all books a chance. She is often editing content for the web in her day job but she has secret ambitions to become a book critic.

Brian Howley – Reviewer
Brian Howley is an educator working in secondary education. He has been writing poetry and short stories for many years. From 1998-2003 he wrote a Column for McPherson Media's Shepparton News and in 2008 won the North Central review Short Story Literary Award. He loves words.

Angela Hryc – Editor
Angela is a twenty three year old editor and writer who has recently graduated from her degree in Communications at Victoria University. She currently works as an editor for Hyde magazine − Victoria University’s student magazine. Angela has a strong interest in fashion and she one day hopes to work as a Fashion Editor for Vogue Australia.

Samantha Jones – Reviewer
Samantha is a creative producer and communications professional with a passion for arts and human rights. She writes reviews for @rightnowinc, studies a Masters in Arts: Writing at Swinburne and performs with the @RealHotBitches.

Margaret Kett – Editor
Margaret Robson Kett is formerly an Associate Editor of Viewpoint: On Books for Young Adults, and contributes to Australian Book Review, ABC Splash and Magpies. She is a recent graduate of RMIT's Professional Writing and Editing course.

Deanne Koonwhye – Reviewer
A double-degree Bachelor of Laws/Bachelor of Business student who enjoys contributing to student life through society involvement as President of AFISS, President of Enactus, CPA Student Ambassador and mentoring through Victoria Law School and VU Leadership. She also has avid interests in organisational change, technological advancement of law and financial risk management.

Alana Kosklin – Reviewer
Alana Kosklin is a PhD (English) candidate at the University of Newcastle, where she is researching ethnic identity and fiction. She is also writing a collection of short stories. Her short fiction is forthcoming in Kippis! Literary Journal and Eunoia Review.

Julia Kyle – Reviewer
Julia Kyle is a writer, editor and active blogger. She regularly edits and submits to Platform Magazine (Words From The West), reviews Rotunda In The West Author Events on her blog, and regularly participates in the annual Australian Women Writer's Challenge. She enjoys Dr Who, police procedural tv shows/books and nachos.

Marcelle Liemant – Reviewer
Marcelle Liemant is lucid dreaming novelist, who studies chemistry for fun.  She grew up in the outer suburbs of Melbourne and spends a lot of time wondering why there is any other option besides ethically sourced.

Joceline Loo – Reviewer
Joceline is a Communications and Journalism student at Monash University who has an immense passion in writing and the arts. She has always been an avid reader and specially enjoy the unique adventures each literary piece brings her on. This is Joceline's first Melbourne Writers Festival and she is excited to be a part of it.

Phil Marshall – Reviewer
Phil Marshall is a founding editor of Chart Collective, a publishing venture that explores the way stories are woven into environment and place. In his spare time, you'll find him reading, walking, or volunteering on wildlife and vegetation restoration projects.

Lily Mae Martin – Reviewer
Lily Mae Martin is an artist and writer living in regional Victoria. Her artwork and words have been published both online and in print. She explores themes such as sexuality, identity and motherhood and is represented by Scott Livesey Galleries in Melbourne. 

Paris Marx – Reviewer
Paris Marx is a Canadian writer and traveller currently staying in Melbourne. He writes about the world from a left-wing perspective, and enjoys relating his life experiences to larger social and political concepts.

Daniella Mattiuzzo – Reviewer
Daniella Mattiuzzo is a Melbourne writer, reviewer, and radio doco enthusiast. She recently completed a Master of Journalism at Monash University and has had her reviews and writing published on the websites: Timeout, ArtsHub and Dumbo Feather.

Brittany Moore – Editor
When not picking through the giblets of short MWF pieces, Brittany writes for Hyde Magazine, studies Professional Writing & Editing, and spends her spare time unwisely.

Imbi Neeme – Reviewer
Imbi is a recovering blogger and an aspiring novelist. Formerly the force behind the prize-winning blog 'Not Drowning, Mothering', she now divides her time between writing novels and crochet. Her first novel, 'The Hidden Drawer', was recently commended by the judges in the 2015 Victorian Premier's Unpublished Manuscript award.

April Newton – Editor
April is a freelance editor and second year Master of Publishing and Communications student at the University of Melbourne. Her editing and publishing company, Newt & Co., will be releasing its first YA novel in April 2016.

Ildefonso Ogdoc – Reviewer
Ildefonso Ogdoc is currently studying Bachelor of Arts at Victoria University. He previously went on two fruitful gap years juggling between completing TAFE courses at William Angliss Institute, working in hospitality and traveling to exotic places around the world. Ildefonso currently resides in Melbourne with his family.


Zoe Papageorgiou
Zoe is a Monash Law/Arts student and magazine contributor. She is also undertaking her honours in literature/ Indigenous Studies. Her love of reading transpires across to theatre where she finds voyeuristic pleasure in observing and noting impressionable theatrical moments that may prove to be, hopefully, fuel for inspiration. 
Amanda Pearson – Reviewer
Blogger, short story writer, Masters student, corporate lackey , lover of words and thoughts, Amanda trudges through the world on the search for new ideas and interesting turns of phrase. Published in the odd literary magazine, she's hoping to find the courage to finish that first novel (when she isn't being a corporate dogsbody).

Rupa Ramanathan – Editor
Rupa Ramanathan is a graduate of Architecture and Postgraduate in Media (Communications) who has 4 years experience in Design Research and Publishing in Hong Kong and Australia. Founder­partner of student organisation Chai Junction, Melbourne she has been contributory in creative and editorial content of Chai Junction. She breathes design, photography, travelling and languages.

Ella Salome – Reviewer
Ella Salome grew up in rural Victoria. An avid reader and aspiring writer, Ella is currently working to earn her Bachelor of Communications, Professional Writing, at VU. Ella joined the Hyde Magazine team as an editor in 2014, and has since moved up to become 2015's editor in chief

Angela Serrano – Reviewer
Born and bred in Manila, Angela has lived in Melbourne for over five years, three of those with her college sweetheart, now husband, who followed her here. She is a writer, ex-Air Force Reservist, professional figure model, karaoke nut, aspiring tap dancer, RTW fashionista, and PhD student. Poetry and non-fiction are her genres of choice. Her work has previously been published in Peril.

Anna-Rose Shack – Reviewer
Anna-Rose is a spunky and passionate Literature student at the University of Melbourne. She inhales books and is usually found with at least two in her bag. She also loves miniature dolls' houses, travelling to exciting locations and is a connoisseur of tea.

Carla Silbert – Reviewer
Carla Silbert is a writer, lawyer and gender equality advocate.  

Ellen Singleton – Reviewer
Ellen is a Queensland born (but believes herself to be a true Melbournian at heart) journalism student. She loves watching films and cooking, and has an insatiable need to write about Melbourne’s art and culture. Her two most favourite things in the world are puppies and the Gold Coast Suns.

Paul Skec – Reviewer
Paul Škec: carbon based lifeform who grew up on Melbourne’s unfashionable outer western Fringe. Winner: R L Rankin Memorial Award for Poetry (1993), his poems have cluttered the internet and been physically published in magazines like Going Down Swinging, anthologies like Sambuca Blackboard Poems, Journeys to the Point.

Raphael Solarsh – Reviewer
Raphael is a writer, blogger (raphaelsolarsh.com/blog), reviewer for ArtsHub and an assistant editor at Melbourne Books. His work has featured in The Guardian, Writers Bloc and in a self-published collection of short stories. He is a literature lover, internet junkie and huge MWF fan.

Wayne Stellini – Editor
Wayne Stellini is a Melbourne writer, poet, and a member of the 2015 Offset editing team. Engaging with as many storytelling mediums as he can, he enjoys art exhibitions, stage productions, and Melbourne’s eclectic buskers. His work has appeared in Offset and he participated in the 2015 Emerging Writers’ Festival.

Kathryn Tafra – Reviewer

Kathryn Tafra is a Melbourne-based writer currently undertaking her Masters in Creative Writing, Editing & Publishing. She is the creator and author of the blog 'UglyFoodCookBook', and founder of 'Writing Date' - a writing group based in the northern suburbs.

Caroline Yun Tung – Reviewer
Caroline is a soon-to-be graduate at Monash University studying a Bachelor of Journalism degree. An arts enthusiast and aspiring writer, she hopes a career in reporting arts and culture will take her on a global journey. Caroline previously interned at Artshub in Melbourne. Her hobbies include dance, music and travelling. 

Nolan Tyrrell – Reviewer
Nolan Tyrrell is and has been a sculptor, flat artist and performance poet. He was an associate editor with Going Down Swinging in its early days. He has had many connections with performance and constructed art with various groups.

Allison Upshaw – Reviewer
Allison Upshaw is a PhD student at the University of Alabama. She is visiting Melbourne as a presenter at the 1st Critical Autoethnography conference, August 20-21. She’s also the founder of Classroom OPERAtunities, a performing arts education consultancy providing arts integration K-12 residencies, and training for classroom teachers.

Chloe Watson – Reviewer
Chloe is a 25 year-old lover of words and literature, the Arts and radio broadcasting. She is currently mastering a way to work in three fields at once.
Sean Watson – Reviewer
Sean Watson is a writer and editor from Melbourne. He is deputy fiction editor at The Lifted Brow, a former editor of Farrago, and former poetry editor for Voiceworks. He has words in Junkee, Seizure, Kill Your Darlings, and Voiceworks.

Cassandra White – Reviewer
Cassandra is a recent graduate of the Masters of Creative Writing, Publishing and Editing at Melbourne. She is currently working on her gothic young adult novel and teaching young adults Taekwon-Do at RMIT University.
Claire Rosslyn Wilson – Reviewer
Claire Rosslyn Wilson is a poet and non-fiction writer. Her work has been published in Offset, Verge, New Writing, Voiceworks and Visible Ink as well as journals such as Culture360, Art Radar, Tongues Multilingual Magazine and Inkpot Reviews (Singapore). In 2014 she undertook a Wheeler Centre Hot Desk Fellowship. www.clairerosslynwilson.com

Vanessa Wiltshire – Editor
Vanessa Wiltshire, otherwise known as @twofacedHRlady, rips the scab off bad management and business practices, and compels people to create a better world of work. 

Bernadette Winfield-Gray – Reviewer
Bernadette Winfield Gray is a later in life Victoria University Bachelor of Arts student, 2015 VCE child parent, and former corporate wife in Singapore, Tokyo, London, Chicago and Rhode Island, USA. Her 2011 Emerging Writers' Festival #86 tram blog exemplified curiosity triumphant over motion sickness. Boats, however, remain a challenge.

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