Sunday, 30 August 2015

Pink Viagra, Dildos and the Mystical Super Clit: Self Assembly Required

By Kathryn Tafra

Whilst waiting for the MWF session In Their Prime: Sex After 60, I was amused to find the ACMI free public wifi blocked the sessions page - presumably because of the inappropriate content.

Laurie Penny on Feminism and the Potential for Cultural Change: we must not wait for it.

By Carla Silbert

I dont think it is possible to live outside politics - Laurie Penny. 

This Changes Everything: Global Capitalism, Climate Change, Corporate-Government Collusion, Hurricane Katrina and why #BlackLivesMatter

By Fia Hamid-Walker

The last time Naomi appeared in Australia was 14 years ago. She returned, passport and visa in hand, prepared for a sixty-minute interview and a potential encounter with #BorderFarce at the MWF 2015 session: an Audience with Naomi Klein.

Recognition Through Fiction

By Lily Mae Martin

Staunch is the fictionalised account of abandoned child Andy, a young boy placed in institutional care facilities in Melbourne and Ballarat throughout the 1980s.

How to Age Marvellously: A Three-Step Guide

By Michele Fredregill

Across from Sarah Winman’s post-lecture book signing table stands a giant, four-sided blackboard. Across the top, above the plastic baskets of chalk and multi-coloured lines of fill-in-the-blank script, a single prompt reads:

‘As I age…’

From Young Adult Fiction to iZombie: Rob Thomas Reveals All

By Sonia Esposito

Clementine Ford, a huge fan of Rob Thomas – creator of TV cult classics, Veronica Mars, Party Down and iZombie began the conversation with the big question: What was your evolution, when did it all start?

Out of the mouth of babes: Sofie Laguna’s The Eye of the Sheep

By Imbi Neeme

Author and winner of the 2015 Miles Franklin Literary Award, Sofie Laguna, was joined by an intrigued audience on Saturday 29 August, to talk about her most recent novel: The Eye of the Sheep. Here is a review with a delightful twist that you won’t want to miss!

Askin' for Respect! Askin’ for a way out of Abuse and Violence!

By Ella Salome

Words can hurt. We all experience this at some point in our lives. But exactly how much? Does our language foster a violent culture? Does our humour normalise abuse, racism and misogyny?

You Don’t Have to Be Yourself for Your Whole Life: Eleanor Catton on Reading

By Joshua Barnes

The horoeka—a tree native to the bushland of New Zealand—begins life thin and spiny, its leaves sharp, branches angled downwards to deter predators. Once it reaches maturity however, it transforms: its trunk thickens, its leaves widen and it reaches to the sky.