Saturday, 29 August 2015

A True Privilege: Coetzee, Kennedy, Malouf

By Sean Watson

When you’re lining up out the front of a theatre waiting to see a Nobel Laureate, it can be difficult to avoid inflating your expectations.

Aussie Astrophysics Leading Research into how the Universe Will End

By Angela Hogan

The Universe is expanding faster than ever and it could go in an instant, without anyone even knowing it. Welcome to the world of astrophysics, and the people who look into space and ask - “why”?

Gideon Raff: No Easy Answers

By Christopher Buur

Host Rafael Epstein asked Gideon Raff, the mastermind behind the critically acclaimed productions Prisoners of War and Homeland if he expected Homeland to be such a hit in the USA and beyond. Gideon replied, “I don’t think you can expect anything like that.”

Listen to the Stories! Good Muslim Boy, Good Greek Girl

By Brian Howley

A cold, wet Melbourne night did not deter an enthusiastic crowd from gathering at the Immigration Museum to share in museum curator Jan Malloy’s warm and engaging conversation with Osamah Sami and Maria Katsonis in the MWF session: Good Muslim Boy, Good Greek Girl.