Wednesday, 26 August 2015

When is cussing actually courageous?

By Angela Serrano

What do Australians know about Filipinos? That they’re exotic, dusky-skinned babes, or smart, obliging nurses with American-inflected English?

Breaking Boundaries: Leadership and Honesty in Stand-Up Comedy

By Nolan Tyrrell

First: I enjoyed it. Moderator
George McEncroe began by asking Luke Ryan directly: What is funny?

I came. I saw. I fell in love.

By Daniella Mattiuzzo

The Melbourne Writers Festival is not the most typical setting for a love story, but this, dear readers, was where mine would begin.

Natalie Tran on Finding, Not Followers, But a Community

By Lucy Butler

The online generation is obsessed with becoming the next viral sensation, whether it’s with a cat meme, a fail video or creating the latest trend. However, what they fail to achieve is the satisfaction of connecting in an ongoing way with an online audience, something that successful YouTube vlogger, Natalie Tran, explained at the MWF session: Community Channel: Finding Followers.

Dave Hooper: a politically-incorrect … hero…well, sort of.

Pop culture is currently in a superhero moment and has been for the past 10 years: audiences love their superheroes and anti-heroes, so says John Birmingham in conversation with John Weldon at the session: John Birmingham: Monsters and Mayhem.

Feminist Divinity in Modern Mythologies

By Michelle Collins

An enthralled crowd gathered in ACMI’s The Cube to listen to internationally acclaimed authors Samhita Arni and Dolores Redondo, in conversation with Australian author Kirsty Murray. The trio expounded on the subjects of Modern Mythologies and the use of mythological plot and symbolism in Arni’s The Missing Queen, and Redondo’s The Invisible Guardian.