Tuesday, 25 August 2015

See the World in a New Way

By Amanda Pearson

Short Stories are often considered a poor cousin to the novel. Viewed as marginal by the literary mainstream short stories are nevertheless consumed by a dedicated following. Paddy O’Reilly and Abigail Ulman set out to change the way we think about such works as they joined Patrick Allington in the session: The World According to Short Stories.

The Power of Words Knows no Borders

By Georgia Buck

It’s rare to find yourself in a room dedicated to the sharing and acknowledgement of diversity and culture, which made the Writers Across Borders workshop all the more special. Six writers from all over the world shared their works of writing and words of wisdom with all who were in attendance.

Can a Letter from a Scientist Change Your Mind on Climate Change?

By Athina Bakirtzidis Singh

Prepare to be frightened, prepare to listen. You may be sceptical about how a session titled: Climate Change: Action Through Stories could have any impact on climate change. However, scientists Dr Ailie Gallant and Associate Professor Kevin Walsh, novelist Alice Robinson and media guru Dr Deb Anderson weave together emotions, creativity and climate change in a most compelling way.