Sunday, 23 August 2015

Training Wings for Emerging Writers

By Hiba Hammoud

Broede Carmody, and Gillian Terzis, both journalists by day and editors, by night and respectively for Voice Works and The Lifted Brow by night, offered attendees at 'Next Gen: Future Voices' gave insights into their lives as young emerging writers. They focused on four issues in particular.

Hiding Love Letters between Pages at the State Library

By Claire Rosslyn Wilson

More than just a celebration of a building, Capital: the Beginning of the Word evokes the enduring strength of words and ideas.

“Within 30 seconds of meeting someone, judgements will have been made on that person.” ~ Renata Singer

By Joceline Loo

The importance of personal presentation is magnified for women in the media spotlight. Two powerful and inspiring women from the television frontline – Ita Buttrose (A PassionateLife)  and Jessica Rowe (Is This MyBeautiful Life) – came together and shared their experiences o with host and moderator Renata Singer in  "Women In Media: Keeping Up Appearances" at the Melbourne Writers Festival.

Copyright in the Digital Age - Supporting creators at all costs

By Deanne Koonwhye​

Who reading this has never downloaded music, art or text illegally? Very few of us? With so much online content freely available and “free of charge” taking what we want when we want has become normalised.