Saturday, 22 August 2015

Louis de Bernieres’ Metaphorical Truth

By Zoe Papageorgiou

In preparation for reviewing “Louis de Bernieres: Ask a Novelist”, I attended the Melbourne Writers Festival Opening Night Address with the hope of formalising the Louis de Bernieres character that I had conjured in my mind. 

You Don’t Just Emerge and Be Tim Winton

By Chloe Watson

You complete your first creative writing class and decide you have some pretty sweet ideas for stories. After your first design class you find you’re not too shabby at photoshop. By week two of classes, you decide the world is ready for you and your growing knowledge of art and literature. So you decide to make a magazine.

Good Things Come from Good Intentions: Contemplating Peter Singer’s Altruism

By Fia Hamid-Walker

Peter Singer: The Activist Philosopher was sold out! Not really a surprise as the man is renowned internationally as the most influential ethicist and moral philosopher of our time.

Dig The New Breed of Lit Mag Editors

By Daniella Mattiuzzo

A gusty, warm and positively spring-like late Friday afternoon was the perfect setting for an hour of discussion on the winds of change in Australia’s literary magazine scene.

Writing and Censorship a World Wide Issue

By Angela Serrano

Sometimes panels like the Writing and Censorship session, featuring exclusively Asian writers, risk relegating issues like widespread censorship and defective democracies to non-Western societies.