Friday, 21 August 2015

How to Review Voicing Race at Melbourne Writers Festival 2015: A Guide in Three Parts.

By Alana Kosklin

Part I: Prepare. 
a) Do your homework on the panellists. Learn that Adolfo Aranjuez and Jessica Yu are part of the festival’s 30 Under 30, a program for hip, talented writers aged 30 and under. Realise that on a good day you are only half of one of those things, and it’s not under 30. Briefly mourn this fact.

Looking Forward to 'Good Muslim Boy, Good Greek Girl'

By Brian Howley

Going to primary school in 1970’s country Victoria meant sharing the playground with many Italian kids. Their exotic lunches of pasta, cheese and salami made everybody drool and their soccer ball skills tested everyone else's. I was not the only boy who learnt how to swear in Italian and I took great pride in my broadening language skills.

Delighted and Unsettled: Setting the Tone

By Anna-Rose Shack

It is the role of writers to tell “stupendous lies” and for readers to believe them. Thus said Louis de Bernieres at the opening night address of the Melbourne Writers Festival.