Thursday, 27 August 2015

Sacrifice and Strength: The Salt of the Earth

By Ellen Singleton

The images of world-renowned photographer Sebastião Salgado are showcased in this compelling documentary film, The Salt of the Earth, from directors Wim Wenders and Sebastião’s son Juliano Ribeiro Salgado

The movie arrives in Australia after numerous awards, including the Special Jury Prize at the Cannes Film Festival and an Oscar nomination for Best Documentary Feature.

During his 40-plus years in the photography business, Sebastião Salgado has covered some of the most crucial moments in recent history: devastating drought in Africa, Kuwaiti oil fires and Rwandan genocide. Beautifully haunting, Salgado’s photographs are confronting and unnerving.  Salt of the Earth’s directors rarely interrupt Salgado with commentary; instead, they allow the photographs to speak for themselves in this heart-wrenching yet beautiful captivating film.

A landscape from Salgado’s extensive catalogue
Salt of the Earth press kit:
After 120 minutes of raw and exposing images, it is difficult to comprehend how Salgado found the strength to keep shooting in such dire circumstances. He offers his own insight into this question: his eventual despair for the human race, as greed and violence prevail wherever he travels. Salgado finally takes a hiatus from photography, and along with his wife, begins to restore part of the Atlantic Forest in Brazil, now part of the Instituto Terra Nature Reserve.

 One of Salgado’s many harrowing depictions of the 
human cost of war.
Pic:  Salt of the Earth press kit:
Salgado’s sacrifice for his work – and the emotion he feels for those he photographs – is a true testament to his character. It’s easy to understand the profound effect of this visually stunning experience on critics and audiences the world over. Whether you have never experienced his photographs, or you are long-time fan, The Salt of the Earth is a breathtaking and exceptionally well-crafted film that will leave a lasting impression on every audience.

Edited by Brittany Moore

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