Tuesday, 26 August 2014

Gabrielle Wang: Inspiration for Writing Workshop

By Nadine Cranenburgh

When I was young (and even now, to be honest) the mere hint that my parents had a love life sent me scurrying for cover, hands over ears. For similar reasons, Gabrielle Wang says her young adult novel Little Paradise, based on her parents’ love story, was the most difficult book she’s ever written.

Do you remember the first time?

By Camha Pham

Brave and daring souls Isobelle Carmody, Leanne Hall, Will Kostakis, Michael Pryor and Penny Tangey ventured into the uncharted realm of ‘firsts’, taking the audience with them on an unpredictable adventure filled with laughs and deep nostalgia.

It’s terrifying but I’m going to do it anyway...

Simon Copland dives in to Saturday night drinks with strangers at the MWF and emerges inspired and unscathed!

Onboard Book Club

By Liz Lipski

I think by the time I’d garnered a Masters, I knew how to unpack a statement. So, at the pre-festival booze and schmooze when told, ‘Liz, you are reviewing the Onboard Book Club,’ I was quite excited.

Can’t be too hard. . .

Looking forward to Sonya Hartnett

Melissa Manning considers the broad appeal of Sonya Hartnett’s writing and looks forward to hearing her speak to Jo Case about her latest novel: Golden Boys.