Monday, 25 August 2014

Tony Birch: In Conversation

By William Schack

Usually when I'm sitting in a cinema on a Sunday afternoon I'm wolfing down a choctop or munching on popcorn, but today at ACMI I'm here to engage in a thoughtful and illuminating intellectual discussion between Arnold Zable, writer, and today’s subject, Tony Birch, writer, historian and teacher.

How to Break into Romance

By Sasky Stewart

Do you know your HEA from your GMC? Your protagonist from your antagonist? Or exactly when it's appropriate for your characters to get down and dirty (the answer is not too soon)? If you don't, "How to Break into Romance" will help you fill in the blanks. 

Mothers Grimm: Danielle Wood and Cassandra Golds talk with Jo Case about the enduring influence of fairy tales.

By Magdalena McGuire

My favourite book, when I was a child, was a hardcover edition of Fairy Tales by Brothers Grimm. It was the thickest book we had in the house, and in between its pages were hibiscus and frangipani flowers that had been pressed flat by stories of love and violence, betrayal and redemption.

Shakespeare's Secret: So long lives this…

By Jane Seeber

You’d expect a writer’s festival audience attending “Shakespeare’s Secret” to enjoy the promised ‘songs, sonnets and soliloquies’, and you’d be right. The real joy was in the performers, though, and it was their revelling in Shakespeare that lifted this night. That, and the rock and roll. . .

Exhibition: Bookends - pics

Marina Solomon takes us on a poetic journey through this exhibition of first and last lines, lost lines, drawings, prints and animations, sharing her impressions and thought with us as she does so.

Talking Points: Emily Nussbaum on how TV got great

By Julie Marlow

Emily Nussbaum is the fast talking, smart and seriously influential TV critic for The New Yorker.  She's often asked how she landed that dream job and the answer is: Buffy.  The Vampire Slayer was the show that got her talking, discussing and analysing American television as an art form at a time of momentous change in that medium.

Sound is the New Story

By Lee Kindler

While the emergence of TV as an art form has been widely celebrated, its daggy uncle—the wireless—has been experiencing a quiet renaissance of its own. Panellists Benjamen Walker (Benjamen Walker’s Theory of Everything) Jessie Borrelle (Paper Radio) and Miyuki Jokiranta (Radio National) are at the forefront of this golden era of radio.