Tuesday, 26 August 2014

Looking forward to Sonya Hartnett

Melissa Manning considers the broad appeal of Sonya Hartnett’s writing and looks forward to hearing her speak to Jo Case about her latest novel: Golden Boys.

What: Sonya Hartnett in Conversation
Where: Performance Space, Wheeler Centre
When: Wed, August 27, 7.30pm SOLD OUT

Sonya Hartnett’s session at MWF14 has sold out. This is not big news, nor does it come as a surprise. After all, Hartnett is one of Australia’s most successful authors, having won many awards, including the coveted Astrid Lindgren Memorial Award in 2008.

She is one of only a handful of authors to successfully bridge the gap and publish across the children’s, YA and adult markets. More significantly Hartnett sits amongst the top of the pack for all three of these audience brackets.

My favourite Hartnett works belong in the YA and adult sections of the bookshop. They are filled with superbly rendered stories, populated by characters who resonate long after the work of reading is done.

But what brings me back to her work again and again is her ability to evoke a sense of underlying dread. From the beginning I’m grappling with a creeping unease, second guessing my instincts, hoping that my gut feeling is wrong. Hartnett knows just how much to give, when to pull back, how to play with point of view so that the revelation never feels like a fait accompli.

Hartnett’s latest novel, Golden Boys, is due in bookshops this week. For those, like me, who lack patience, it’s already available in e-book format.

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