Monday, 25 August 2014

Exhibition: Bookends - pics

Marina Solomon takes us on a poetic journey through this exhibition of first and last lines, lost lines, drawings, prints and animations, sharing her impressions and thought with us as she does so.

This is an exhibition for the lovers of literature, lovers of the written word and for those passionate about art and new perspectives.

Pic: Marina Solomon
With delicate fingers and a smile spread wide, the passionate and the curious combine.

High and low, walls are covered with pages, picking the first and last lines of people’s favourite books. Read in between the lines.
Read via illustration and interpretation. Alternately charming and striking. Occasionally giggly.

Old and new lines: your favourites and your most hated, pooled and spooled, a beautiful visual.

Pic: Marina Solomon
To progress from beginning to end suddenly. To forget the middle.

Yet there is still growth. Fascinating. Stimulating.

Even the smallest.

A ride, a journey, and a brand new standpoint.

Even the bumpiest of seas. Has an ending. Literature and illustration.

Watercolours take us to another place. For a moment. Immersing us in the mind and the world of another.

A small gallery hidden away behind dainty stores filled with old and new books. Easy to miss, but you don't want to.

Leave feeling as if you’ve travelled the world.

Leave feeling inspired to write and to create.

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