Wednesday, 2 September 2015

“Injustice thrives in the shadows”: Jennifer Robinson on freedom of speech and why Australia still hasn’t achieved it.

By Samantha Jones

Imagine a place where free speech was denied and human rights were continually violated: imagine Australia. This is what Jennifer Robinson, Australian Human Rights lawyer and free speech advocate, asked the audience attending the Alan Missen Oration at MWF to do.

Tuesday, 1 September 2015

Naomi Klein: Raw, Sensitive and Dangerous

Naomi Klein’s ideas are not dangerous. But our failure to act on them will be.

The New Gothic

By Cassandra White

The gothic has moved beyond its 18th century origins, but we can still rely on the unfamiliar and uncanny to scare readers. 

An imaginative leap between fiction and fact: Sarah Waters and The Paying Guests.

By Rebecca Borg

British novelist Sarah Waters took us back in time from the minute she started reading from her hit novel The Paying Guests.

Going Out With a Tweet and a Bang: the 21st Century Witch Hunt

By Raphael Solarsh

It’s a strange world in which a single, poorly-timed or thought-out comment can almost instantly destroy your life. In recent times we’ve seen it happen over and over again. From Cecil the Lion to the Ashley Madison leak, people have lost their jobs, their friends and, in the worst cases, their lives, as a result of being publicly shamed.

Time for Change: A World in Climate Crisis

By Paris Marx

She may not fit the media stereotype of a radical, but Naomi Kleins solution to the climate crisis is far from mainstream.

A Romantic Career

By Julia Kyle

The most significant recent changes to the romance publishing industry have been the invention of the e-book and Social Media. Digital and online publishing have afforded authors more and different opportunities outside traditional print publishing avenues.